Here’s a sample of our offering:

Recreational Activities and Games - At SarahCare, we’ve devoted a complete room to the creation of various arts & crafts projects to help keep minds and hands nimble - such as sewing, knitting, painting and baking - to name a few.
A separate game room is perfect for playing congenial rounds of bingo, backgammon, cribbage, rummy, and
other board games.

older adult day care services
Exercises - Comprehensive chair exercises led by our staff.

Whirlpool Therapy - Our spa room is equipped with a whirlpool bath for relaxation and therapy.

Pet therapy - having a pet can actually help lower a person’s stress and blood pressure. At SarahCare, volunteers bring in professionally trained, well-behaved therapy pets to mingle with our guests. Your loved ones can enjoy the positive experiences of interacting with an affectionate animal, in a safe and controlled setting.

Garden Therapy - Our enclosed garden patio area is perfect for planting and raising annuals and perennials.

Intergenerational Activities - Intergenerational Programs are designed to bring together two very different generations... Elders and Children... for the support and resources they can offer one another. As a result, the two learn from each other... sharing their feelings,
ideas, skills, and affection. We encourage the interaction of children from infancy to high school age students with our participants.